Learning and Development

Learning and Development

In learning and development, our core competencies are in soft and leadership skills development.  We do a few technical and specialized training as well.  However we like to focus on or Key Result Areas – KRA.  Some of them are listed below:

Human Resource School
HR Master

A 5-day comprehensive HR generalist programme for new entrants into the HR career path.  It is a very practical approach to learning or answering the question: What does HR really do?

HR Business
Partners Training

Provide learning support for companies who already have this structure to help the business partners understand how to strategically support the business with HR activities that have the most impact on the business thrust as may be defined from time to time.  It helps practitioners to wholly align their practices and operations with critical business objectives. This is a 2-day case and exercise driven programme

HR Analytics

This programme equips practitioners with skills to measure those critical HR activities that most impact business results.  It helps to find the correlation between HR initiatives and business outcomes. Also a 2-Days programme, it is exercise and case driven.

Enhancing HR Service
Delivery to Business

A 2-Day intensively case and exercise based programme that is designed to improve HR service delivery to business by making them appreciate the service dimension of all HR practices especially how HR services can impact core business service delivery and eventually, customer satisfaction and long term engagement.

Performance Management
in Action (PMIA)

A 3-Days exercise driven, intensive case based programme that take participants through the learning journey of the Performance Management Cycle, design and use of tools, the sacrosanctity of time lines and the imperative of accurate, objective and frank performance feedback and why and how it these help to build a High Performance Organisation (HPO).


Designed as an intensive 2-days programme, the programme imparts on participants, the ability to select the most appropriate candidates for a job using multiple interviewing tools and approaches.  They learn how to apply emotional intelligence to identify a good candidate and how to detect candidates who may talk but would definitely not run.  It is exercise based and designed for middle management staff who have responsibility for selecting staff for the organisation.

The Personal Development School
The Psychology of
Winning (PoW)

This very exciting 2-day programme help participants to develop the attitude of winning and succeeding in life.  It looks beyond career, financial success to other areas of life where people usually fail – family, personal health, relationships etc.  It is story driven and facilitated by a master story teller. It is currently the FACTS bride as we have more people from mouth-to-ear referrals than from adverts.

Half-Time: Personal
Financial Planning

This programme was originally designed for mid career professional who desire to take firm control of their finances in the second half of their career. Designed as a 2-Day exercise based programme, participants come out with skills to management their personal financial statement of self-worth, personal portfolio management skills and are introduced to a myriad of investment options from the very basic and simple to the very exotic and sophisticated investment products.

Introduction to Personal
Financial Planning

This is designed as a one-day introductory product for entry level type staff, fresh graduates or Graduate Trainees undergoing the Graduate Trainee programme. It is also fully exercise based and also introduces participants to the basic to moderately sophisticated investment products and their respective features

School of Ethics
Integrity, Transparency, Anti Bribery & Corruption (ITABAC) Training

Is a programme designed to enlighten participants about Graft, the laws governing graft, the responsibilities of Anti-Graft agencies, the risk and consequences of participating in graft, and also to help them acquire the skills to identify potential graft issues from far. Employees with integrity make organizations with integrity. It is a well sort after anti-graft programme designed as a 2-day interesting learning journey.

Anti-Money Laundering/ Combatting of Finance of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Training

More relevant to banks, non-bank Financial Institutions as well as specific AML/CFT designated Organisations. We run well over 20 streams of this programme annually helping participants to identify suspicious transactions and activities by customers, file regulatory reports, understand the imperatives of KYC, and the implication of ML on national and international economies, and risk of Terrorist Financing. The two day programme (sometimes run as a day intensive programme) succeeds to enlist participants as AML/CFT crusaders.

The Leadership School
The Change Intersection
Leadership Programme

Is designed for the leaders of today leading organizations into the IT driven future; who are saddled the responsibility to lead multiple levels of generations of followers.  Participants learn new developments in leadership: diversity management, changing work patterns and styles, workplace behaviours, impact of IT, AI, robotics on the future of work etc.  This programme is more than a training. It involves pre-class individual and group exercises, use of videos, case analysis etc. Eventually, a total of 10 days will be used spent in class shared between Group Case Analysis presentations, classroom instructional learning and one-on-one leadership coaching with our life coaches.


This programme is designed as a 2-day instructional learning training delivered with games, exercises and case studies.  Most participants at this programme come out with better listening, message coding and decoding skills; they give more effective feedbacks. They leave with the confidence that they are returning to deliver more results through better communication skills.

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